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  • Bullshit restaurant, I ordered pizza paratha and they sent me naan bread filled with haleem no chees no olives nothing inside. Never order from this restaurant
  • Rider delivered it fairly quickly but it was the smallest grill burger i had in my life they advertise it as double Breast Burger. if you can't deliver the right product then don't offer discounts and false advertise.
  • acceptable taste but undifferentiated taste
  • Best burgers economical price huge quantity and best quality
  • Found a small stone in one of my burgers. Buns were burnt from below.
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Burger Maestru is offering American Cuisine at Cheetay!

Are you up for a decadent Burger layered with juicy patties and crunchy vegetables inside the soft sesame buns? Hop onto Burger Maestru in Lahore, look through American Cuisine’s delicious burgers, sandwiches and wraps in the menu, choose the add-ons such as fries and sauces to turn it into a meal, add it all to your cart and get your order delivered at your home or any other location right way!

Fresh Food from Burger Maestru’s Menu

Devour a Chicken Tycoon that has a dense chicken and cheese patty topped with vegetables and an extra slice of cheese between buns. If you are a beef lover then order a Beef Empire filled with beef cheese patty, crunchy onion, fresh tomatoes, olives and mushrooms along with spicy jalapenos. Another decked burger is the Legend Chicken Burger with crunchy double chicken fillet and vegetables. If you wish to give yourself a cheesy treat then, have Burger Maestru’s Cheese Bomb Burger filled with stuffed breast chicken and jalapenos. A Single Hot Beef Patty stacked in a layer of flavours is another enticing option for you. A Chicken Classic with single patty is a creation that is hard to miss up on! This can transform into a wrap jam-packed with chicken fillet and fresh vegetables if you like. For a beef lover, Maestru Beef Wrap could be exactly what you will be asking for.

Sandwiches and Drinks at Burger Maestru

A grilled chicken fillet with meastru and tomato sauces in The Challenger Sandwich is what you can order if you want food to be your challenge. Get the chilled Strawberry Love, Lemon Fizz, Mint Margherita, Pina Colada, and a shake with it or order from a list of American and Italian coffees from Cheetay and enjoy!