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  • not received the order and .. when i tracked my order just after ten minutes of order time they already delivered the order.. worst service
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  • Pathetic Restaurant & Service from Cheetay. Called many times and every time there was a new lie from them. I never received this order .....

Broadway Pizza Restaurant for Pizza Lovers in Lahore

Broadway Pizza is Deeply Connected with Cheetay

Kya Chahiye? A scrumptious, crusty and cheesy pizza slice, pasta or oven baked sandwiches? You can get it all from Broadway’s Pizza available at Cheetay. Get yourself ready for a piping hot Broadway Pizza delivery at any destination and at any time. Start from the tempting appetizers that promise a delicious taste at the beginning of your meal. These include the savoury rich Garlic Breads, creamy Stuffed Potato skins, Crispy Potato Wedges, cheesy Garlic Breads, Meaty Tikka Bread, crunchy Stuffed Peppers, vegan stuffed tomatoes and the appetizer box with substantial food to fulfill all your cravings. The Appetizer Box has baked chicken wings, Garlic Bread with Cheese, Potato Skins, Potato Wedges with any two dips of your choice.

Chicken Wings to your Liking

To devour chicken wings that suite your taste, order any from the menu. These include Plain Wings, Spicy Buffalo Wings, BBQ Ranch Wings, Jalapeno Ranch Wings and Garlic Ranch Wings. So, if you are ordering plain wings or the zesty BBQ Ranch Wings then get yourself some spicy appetizers and order a pizza flavor melts in your mouth. For those who crave for strong, pungent and spicy chicken order Garlic Ranch Wings and Jalapeno Ranch Wings with your main course.

Pizza Flavours as Bold as You

Now that you have decided on the appetizers and sides, get anything of your choice for the main food. It could be Fusilli Bucati Pasta or Mighty Oven-Baked Sandwiches. The former come in Chedder Mushroom, Spicy Garlic Ranch and BBQ Ranch seasonings while the latter are in Chedder Mushroom, Hot Buffalo and South Western flavourings. What Broadway Pizza is really famous for is pizzas. These are further categorized into Broadway Classic and Broadway Favourites. The Classic category pizzas are made with traditional meat recipes and are given names that match their taste. For example, The Beast is made from Chicken Mughlai and has Ranch Sauce that is mixed with Jalapenos and topped with Onions and Mozzarella Cheese. The Gypsy Euro has two types of Chickens with vegetables and Marinara Sauce and cheese. Bar B Que Chicken pizza is known as the Popping BBQ while a pizza with Chicken Tikka is called Tarzan Tikka and Westside Garlic. In case you want the All Cheese or All Veggie pizza, Broadway Pizza deals and meals have in all in the menu at Cheetay. Pizzas with Chicken Fajita are called Dancing Fajita and Chorus Spice while a desi chicken kebab pizza is called Sultan.

Broadway’s favourite has three mouthwatering flavours such as Mamma Mia Classic, Wicked Blend and Phantom. These have two to three different types of seasoned meats in chicken and vegetables topped on marinara sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. So if you want a mix of all then enjoy these without much hassle at Broadway Pizza from Cheetay.

Sweet Delights at Broadway Pizza

Pizza and sandwich offers can all be turned into Broadway Pizza deals that include pizzas, appetizers, sides and drinks. If you crave for something sweet at the end of a spicy or savoury meal then order online the Sweetness Behold from the Broadway Pizza menu. These consist of Chocolate Lava Cakes that can be ordered in full or per slice.

Address to your pizza needs from Broadway Pizza Lahore but do not forget that Cheetay is the food delivery partner that reaches out to you anywhere and get you anything you need along with this.