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  • Please add cakes in the menu as well.

Bread & Beyond, Lahore has Bakery Items Available on Cheetay

Looking for freshly baked items to eat? Check out Bread and Beyond’s savory and sweet menu on Cheetay that has pizzas, pastries, patties, sandwiches, rolls, burgers, Rotisserie and more. Get aromatic bakery items delivered now to your doorstep.

Delicious Food Items from Bread & Beyond’s Menu

Topped with Smoked Chicken, tomatos, onions, black olives under a layer of Pizza tomato sauce on a pizza base and baked with assorted cheese, you have to let go of yourself in its aroma. A bite of this heavenly cheesy delight brings a moment of bliss! If you like a change in taste, then order a pizza topped with tangy Chicken Fajita. If you like having a quickies sandwich then devour the one that is jam-packed with spicy tikka or fajita marinated chicken pieces, light Mayonnaise, crunchy onions and iceberg lettuce. In case, you are craving for barbequed Chicken placed in a sandwich then order a Smoked Chicken one.

In the mood to have burgers, rolls and Shawarmas? Order chunky chicken burgers, crispy and tender chicken rolls, and Shawarmas stacked with mayonnaise, chicken and vegetables. Bread and Beyond also offers paratha roll packed with Chicken Malai Boti, chutney and crunchy onions.

So, order online from Bread and Beyond on Cheetay and have fun!