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  • worst and spoiled rice. cold drink not added in deal 2 as committed in menus details. not recommended
  • taste is gd bt i didnt received the same ordr as mentioned in menu... nt happy wd it

Order Biryani from Biryani King in Lahore

A plateful of spicy biryani with tender pieces of chicken served so fresh that the aromatic smell of the spices still lingers with every spoonful you take. The first bite of biryani is usually the decisive one- whether or not the biryani is going to be epic. But with Biryani King’s biryani served hot and fresh, you will be craving for more than just one bite. What is even better is you do not need an occasion to have biryani. You could just be wanting some spice in life on a regular day. So, order from Biryani King on Cheetay and give this dish a try.

Everything Besides Biryani on Biryani King’s Menu

This restaurant has other options too. If you are not in a mood to have a spicy biryani then get chicken paratha rolls filled with jalapenos, tangy olives and breast chicken and barbequed sauce; shawarma platters decked with grilled breast pieces of chicken and vegetables layered with mayonnaise and smoked chicken tikka pieces. Besides all this, it also offers zinger burgers with single or double zinger fillets decked with tango sauce, King’s special dressings and ice burg lettuce. These are served with crispy fries and freshly made coleslaw.

Whether you are alone and want a mix of savoury dishes or are with family or friends who want a variety to devour, Biryani King’s delivery from Cheetay is the best choice you can make.