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  • A good option considering the price and the size of the pizza.

Big Man’s Pizza Restaurant in Lahore

Big Man’s Pizza has been established in Lahore for the past six years. This restaurant is originally a Germany based company that has been in operation since 1985. So if you are a die-hard pizza fan but tired of all the old pizza places, give Big Man’s Pizza a go. Inevitably you will forget about other pizza spots because there are a ton of options to choose from.A vast pizza menuWhere shall we begin? They have all the flavors you would want to eat. Margherita, salami, chicken and mushroom, chicken supreme, pepperoni, Mexican, New York, tuna, etc. We haven’t even exhausted the list of flavors yet. You name it; they will have it. They also give the option to alter between a regular crust and a cheesy crust. Their most popular pizzas are the chicken supreme, fajita, salami, and chicken and mushroom. These pizzas have the perfect base and a good amount of toppings overloaded with cheese so basically a party in your mouth. We would hope you wouldn’t want to party alone because that is really mean. Do get all your friends together and share the cheesy goodness with them since no one likes to miss out on such delish delights.Not just a pizza placeIt’s worth mentioning that they have a fascinating milkshake menu. We are willing to bet that you haven't tried some of these flavors in a milkshake. They serve Japani phal milkshake, honey almond, mix dry fruit, berry colada, pina colada, khoya khajoor, chikoo, among many others. Interesting, right? Other regular flavors include KitKat, Oreo, Ice Cream, mango, banana, strawberry to name a few. We are sure you are pretty intrigued by all these exotic flavors. Do try them and let all your friends and family in on the fun. Because trying new things is always cool!If you’re not into milkshakes, that’s cool too. Because there is also an extensive list of fruit juices that you can try. Juices are healthy, you know. So if you do end up feeling guilty after devouring an entire pizza by yourself (don’t worry, we won’t tell), try a fruit juice. The many flavors of juices include orange, grapefruit, anar, pineapple, guava, peach, aloo bukhara, and several others. They’ve got you covered for every season.Still thinking about ordering from Big Man’s pizza or have you already placed an order on the Cheetay app? We are sure you have. Go ahead and enjoy your meal.