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  • the restaurant must solve the issue of drinks in their meals.( i didn't receive my drink due to unavailability) that leads to customer dis-satisfaction
  • ordered rotesirio family package and they sent me 1 liter pepsi instead of 1.5 liter

Authentic Portuguese Food by BPC!

Authentic Portuguese Food!

For the first time in Pakistan, Besteiro Portuguese Chicken (BPC) brings the authentic Portuguese Rotisserie Chicken which is slowly roasted over flames. There are many chicken dishes served in a variety of restaurants around the city, but BPC is definitely considered to be one of the best. Their dishes are unique, delicious and most importantly, extremely affordable. People are so busy with their lives these days that no one has the time to go out and enjoy food. Now, you can enjoy food at from any restaurant in the city!

Yummy Yummy!

Cheetay delivers to you the best chicken meals from Besteiro Portuguese Chicken in Lahore. The Portugallien is a wonderful meal to eat as your lunch or dinner when you do not feel like cooking. It contains a Quarter Chicken, your choice of a leg piece or breast, a Regular Salad, Hummus, 2 pieces of Bread and a drink of your choice.

For Everyone!

The Churrasco Wings meal contains 4 wings with a side of Fries and a regular drink. The delicious Chicken and Chips meal consists of 4 pieces of Chicken Tenders, regular Fries and a drink. Who can resist yummy tenders? Order their Rice meals for a night in friends and family. Whether it is Pulled Chicken Rice, Bread and a drink, or the Grill - O - Rice that contains 2 pieces of Grilled Chicken, a Rice serving and a drink.

Kid Friendly!

Looking for something for your kids? Children can be extremely picky, but we assure you that they will not be able to refuse the Kids Meal at Besteiro Portuguese Chicken which includes Chicken Tenders or Grilled Tenders, regular Fries and a packet of juice to wash it all down.

Mouth Watering!

Their collection of burgers will make your mouth water. The Besteiro Burger is a Portuguese style Grilled Chicken Fillet Burger served with Fries. The Blazing Burger is a Portuguese Style, spicy BBQ, Grilled Fillet Burger with a side of Fries. Other burgers include the Pulled Burger and the Sriracha Burger that are equally tasty.

Fries Before EVERYONE!

Order Besteiro Portuguese Chicken sides to make your eating experience more joyful. Their Fries come in many flavors like Masala, Garlic Mayo, Chili Mayo, Tamarind, BBQ and Pulled Chicken Fries. The sides also include Mixed Beans, BPC Salad, and Portuguese Rice.

Delicious Meals!

Besteiro Portuguese Chicken and Cheetay want to serve you and your entire family. So, do not forget to order the Portuguese Rotisserie Chicken or the Portuguese Style Grilled Churrasco Chicken that will satisfy your entire family’s cravings. These dishes will make you want to keep ordering from this place all the time!

Choose Cheetay!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best chicken from Besteiro Portuguese Chicken. Cheetay will deliver all your hot meals to your doorstep at the most affordable prices. You can even download the Cheetay app to order. Just add your items to the cart and click checkout. Your delicious meal will be delivered to you in no time!