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  • Waited 30 minutes and the order was not even confirmed/processed. I am not sure if I will be refunded or not. Highly disappointed.
  • Loved the product. There is room for improvent in packaging, but over all it stoop up to expectations. Will definietly try again.
  • I've ordered their wrap and chicken butter burger multiple times, both are always tasty. The cheapest burger & wrap on my list ended up being a damn good value.
  • I have ordered from them several times and they always have maintained great quality and provided delicious food.
  • I ordered Butter Milk Chicken Burger and BE Original wrap. Really a good and fresh treat.
  • wow what a meal. love it
  • Ordered "MilkButter Chicken Burger" it was good and little different compared to other burgers
  • i had a cheddar bomb burger it was really awesome i love it ????????
  • Epic Food
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