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Baithak Restaurant on Cheetay is at Your Service

A vegetarian and meaty curry with rice or naan is a hearty meal. It is not only big in its serving size but also big on flavours. Baithak Restaurant, with its detailed Desi cuisine has all that you can eat. From Chicken Dhabba Karahi, Chicken Nihari, Smoked Chicken Makhni, Achar Ghost to Mutton Paye, Chicken Nihari, Haleem and more. Besides that, it also has some popular dishes from the Chinese cuisine to offer. If you wish to taste these delicious dishes, then hop on to Cheetay and avail Baithak restaurant’s delivery services.

Flavourful Desi Meal at Baithak’s Menu

There is nothing better than an incredibly tender chicken induced with marinades made from rich spices and herbs. When cooked with a base made with garlic, ginger, lemon juice, turmeric, garam masala, chili powder and cumin, you have a perfect combination ready for you. Most of the curries and chicken marinades are made with yogurt to give it a tangy and sour taste. For instance, Smoked Chicken Makhni cooked in butter and cream has yogurt added along with tomato paste to give richness to the dish. Achari Gosht is cooked with the same combinations as well.

These are eaten with spicy Vegetable Pulao or salted Yakhni pulao, if not with naans to double the taste. Sides majorly include Fattoush Mediterranean Salad.

If you want such a perfect meal to be delivered at your doorstep then order at Baithak restaurant on Cheetay now and chew away the tastiest bites!