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  • They serve delicious Naans. Highly recommended.
  • Never pay than real recipt send by text from cheeta usally riders try to get exta by cheating
  • Great naans. Great Taste. Tasted their Tandoori Crush Pizza Naan which was awesome. Also tried Malai Boti Pizza Naan and Aalu achaar Naan. Good addition to the food scene.
  • Delicious Naans I must say.
  • Amazing Experience. I ordered Pizza Naan and achari naan. The taste was awesome. Highly Recommended.
  • Worst experience. Can you expect Pizza Naan with no cheese and even lower quality then the Naan available on normal Tandoor worth 30 rupees. Delivery timing is more then 2 hours even that Badshah Tandoor is only 2 kilometer far from my place. Rider asking for extra money above the actual bill. Nothing was good actually.
  • i orderd,6 type of naans,and the restaurant sent me one simole naan and took 180 extra , that's the mistak of cheeta rider to check the order correctly, that's disgusting people to take money but its not worth it,shame on you
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