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  • I had'nt ate such a hygienic and tasteful sandwich in this price. I would recommend this to all sandwich lover's. Give it a try and you will not get disappoint.
  • Ordered a burger yesterday, I got multiple calls to inform food will be delivered late to which I acknowledged and requested everyone who called to deliver fresh... Received food after 3 hours and that was cold and pathetic!
  • 7 Lads has best taste in the most economical prices. People write so negative about new eateries. Me and my family really liked the taste. It is added to my permenant ordet list of eateries serving fastfood.
  • 7 Lads is one of the best Fast Food Restuarants in DHA. Amazing Food Quality in very Economical Prices. Keep up the good work. ????????????????
  • healthy food with awesome value for money... thumbs up guys.. keep up good work.
  • Pathetic... I ordered at 11.50pm, they called me to confirm that my ordered was being prepared.. It ll ve delivered within 80 minutes,,, after 1 and half hour, i was told that the ordered was not processed and kitchen was closed.... Wtf... R u serious... Never gonna order this shit again...
  • Food was really good ND yummy but there was no fries but they mentioned with fries deal but OK
  • 7 Lads never stops to amaze me. They come up with amazing offers and with quality, their stuffed chicken burger and beef patties aren't what you get to eat usually they are way above all. In love with their food and service. Glad to see local chains doing this quality work. Hats off to them. Keep up the good work. Definitely going to order again.
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