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  • Worst experience of biryani.
  • The box never mentioned 24 wall st and the pizza was below average. Not what they had promoted
  • Very bad quality product.
  • What we ordered was from 24 wallstreet pizza and what we got was from Joint Pizza.
  • I ordered this pizza an hour ago. First I don’t know if it was of 24 wall street or not because there was no branding on the pizza box, no barnded tissues, no nothing, so I don’t know about the brand. Secondly, the pizza had minimum level of cheese. They used quantity of cheese on a 12 inch pizza that others use on a 7 inch pizza. Third, chicken was not freshly cooked. You could tell that as soon as u take first bite. Overall quite disappointed with the quality of the pizza that was delivered (again, not sure if it was actually from 24 wall street). Delivery service was quite effecient. I received my order within 35 minutes, so, thumbs up for cheeta!
  • It was cold and with no dips not even ketchup
  • Astaghfirullah I have never tasted such a bad pizza just ordered it right now from cheetay and I received it after 2 hours and it didn't have any cheese no chicken only bits of cheese . It felt like really old not even close to fresh pathetic taste I'm talking about their fajita personal pan pizza
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