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Order Food Online & Get Delivery in Lahore | Cheetay.pk

Looking for food that can add some flavour to your life? Guide yourself to the right cuisine at cheetay.pk and be delighted by a vast variety offered by 450+ restaurants! Whether you are looking for the right taste or simply a change in cooking techniques to make you feel different, Cheetay has the best places to eat in Lahore now available online. Choose your palate and relax to enjoy the gorgeously cooked aromatic dishes.

Food from All Restaurants in Lahore Can Be Traced Back to Its Origins

Food has a story to tell about its origins. It brings its traditions and culture along with it for you to experience. Think of hot, pungent Desi food delivered at your table. This could be a spicy Afghani Biryani, charcoaled chicken or beef and savoury Handis sprinkled with ginger, fresh coriander and green chilies. Once you order from the restaurant that delivers it, you will understand that there are certain techniques that the recipes follow. Look at Thai cuisine, for instance. Dishes such as Thai Special Noodles, Pad Thai with Chicken and Green Curry follow authentic recipes with pure ingredients such as coconut milk, fish sauce and lemongrass for you to relish in its pure taste. Of course, this cuisine is known for its aesthetic appeal as it has colors and contrasts that stand out in every portion of food served to you.

Food- an Art that Gives You an Eclectic Sensory Experience!

Restaurants do not just deliver meals; they also present creativity on plate. Continental cuisine is a great example. In this, Italian food offered by top restaurants in Lahore is a delight to see! Dishes such as oven-hot pizzas laden with vegetables and stringy melted cheese; saucy Spaghetti swathed in meatballs; and tender chicken baked with parmigiana sauce has an exquisite presentation that makes you tempted to taste it. Oriental Cuisine such as Chinese and Korean are also an art. Dishes like Chicken Sichuan, Kung Pao Chicken, Chow Mein, Drumsticks, Korean Beef, Kimchi and Bulgogi are garnished with colorful vegetables and herbs to make their big serving sizes even more appetizing. Flavourful and juicy Steaks eaten with freshly mashed potatoes or slipped into decadent Burgers from the American cuisine are also a fascinating sight that dares you to try it at least once!

Order Online from Top Restaurants in Lahore!

Home Food delivery in Lahore through Cheetay is the best. You can get scrumptious varieties in cuisines. From Desi and Afghani to American and Italian, you can have your taste buds conquered with the explosion of flavours. Try out the following restaurants that serve amazing food at your comfortable spaces.

  • Tabaq: Has eclectic Shinwari cuisine dishes; from Mutton Sulemani Karahi, Afghani Chicken Boti BBQ, Kabuli Pulao in Mutton/Chicken, Namkeen Chicken BBQ and more.
  • Dunkin Donuts: Popular for its hot coffees and iced shakes, sandwiches, donuts, Munchkins, banana bread, brownies and cookies. Besides this, you can also have its delicious breakfast deals.
  • Broadway Pizza: with crusty, gooey and stringy pizzas, ravishing pasta or saucy oven-baked sandwiches.
  • Burger Hub: Your destination for decadent chicken and beef burgers with Spicy Salsa sauce, Mustard, Melted Cheese, and Hub’s secret sauce.
  • Besteiro Portuguese Chicken: has flame - Roasted Rotisserie Chicken and Portuguese Style Grilled Churrasco Chicken with Pulled Rice, Grill-o-Rice, steamed rice. Besides that, it also has spicy and crispy grilled chicken burgers and flavoured fries.
  • Uncle Tetsu: lauded for its Original Japanese Cheesecake, cheese sticks, lemonades, organic teas, coffees and Honey Madeleines

Your Taste Defines You

Cheetay.pk lets you to explore the type of food that you are searching to order online. It stretches your food preferences to a new limit by giving you a diverse variety of options for online food delivery. It assists in expanding your palate. Think of the type of food that should become a part of your life and let your heart flow with it. Cheetay delivers from all restaurants in Lahore at any location that you prefer so click to order away!

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