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Satisfy your Burger Hunger at Najeeb Afghani Spot

Najeeb Spot in Islamabad is your burger paradise if you want to try burgers with a twist. Ever experienced Afghani style burgers with beef meat loaf, sausages and nuggets? Well, now is your chance. If you really want to grab a burger that is fulfilling then you will find exactly what you want in the Najeeb Spot Menu. Its tempting burgers are cheesy, layered with thick juicy patties, nuggets, ketchup and mayo which is enough reason to make them irresistible to anyone. You can relish in these burgers to your heart’s content because Cheetay has them added to its online store.

Najeeb Spot Burgers are Spot On!

Najeeb Spot doesn’t fool around when it comes to food. Their burgers are the star of the menu and the categories are endless. The burger menu has a different variety that offers Chicken Nugget burgers with huge golden chicken nugget pieces sloshed inside a bun with sauces, fries, ketchup and mayo. Then it has sausage burgers, and hefty Beef Meat Loaf burger with is juicy, tender and succulent. The burger sizes come in single, double and special patty. It offers several delicious deals with burgers that are crammed with meat, sauces, vegetables, sausages and fries. These loaded burgers include Chicken Sausage Burger, Afghan Chicken Seekh Kebab Burger and Afghan Beef Sausage Burger. Be sure to lookout for the thickest of all burgers that come under the Jumbo range. The Afghan Jumbo Chicken Patties burgers is towered with two chicken patties, doubled meat loaf smothered in chutni, salad, ketchup and mayo all wrapped up in Afghan bread so get your jaws insured before you munch on them.

Najeeb Spot Delivery will be on your way!

After drooling over an amazing menu with fulfilling burger deals, order online from Najeeb Spot Delivery because jumbo sized burgers with such economical prices is the value that is hard to find. Get your scrumptious food delivered through Cheetay website or Cheetay app. Go right ahead and gorge on this delectable food!