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Salivate Over Dunkin Donut’s Menu

The sweet smell of warmth calms your senses, as you sink your teeth into this amalgamation of eggs, flour, milk and yeast. Do you know what it feels like to devour this light golden, and airy dough ball? A very few places here manage to provide us with great food experiences and Dunkin Donuts surely runs in that league. Dunkin Donuts menu has a variety of things to make you salivate over, but their donuts are the star (hint: name). Its donuts are a treat to look at, especially the colorful ones with sprinkles and frostings. It has chocolate, vanilla and strawberry frosted donuts.

Dunkin Donuts in Islamabad has Center-Filled Donuts

Except for the frosted ones; they have generously center-filled donuts. Some of these donuts have Bravian Creme and Jam filling. The one drool-worthy center-filled donut is Boston Creme. This donut is filled with sweet and thick custard that when you bite into just oozes out. The correct response for a donut like that would be “Mmm…” as Homer Simpson would say. Their donuts are bound to satisfy all your sweet cravings no matter where you are. Order Dunkin Donuts in Islamabad from your Cheetay’s App and curb your hunger.

The Dunkin Donut Specials!

That’s not all; you can munch on so much more! Dunkin Donuts offer sandwiches, coffees and shakes for your grumbling tummies. You can even make a combo of sandwich with Dunkin Donuts coffee and donut for a satisfying meal! Speaking of sandwiches, Dunkin Donuts has croissant based sandwiches that are stuffed with vegetables, eggs and chicken. Dunkin Donuts specials are the Omwich, Tikka and Fajita sandwich and you can gobble them up for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Chilled Frothy Coffees and Rich Shakes

Feeling a bit thirsty by now? Dunkin donuts has a fix for that too with their variety of coffee and shakes. Their coffees are blended with ice, roasted coffee beans and cream to form a frothy concoction. The shakes they have to offer are based on the classic flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Who would want to miss that?

Big Meals with Affordable Prices, what a Combo!

Dunkin Donuts is much more than donuts, it has a lot to offer with amazing combo deals. You opt for a combination with donuts, coffee and sandwiches. One thing is certain, with combo meals you get value for money and Dunkin Donuts prices will always be easy on the pockets. All you have to do is order right now and Cheetay will deliver.