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You no longer have to worry about ‘minimum orders’ or ‘delivery areas’, because with Cheetay, EVERY RESTAURANT delivers EVERYWHERE.


Our ordering is as convenient as can get! Use our website, call us, send us a whatsapp, email us, or just download our app for the best ordering experience.


Enjoy! We will deliver it hot, and we will deliver it cold.

Four Reasons To Love Us

All our restaurants deliver everywhere


We will do justice to our name


We won’t put you on hold, or make you listen to annoying offers. You will want to call us!


You won’t need to reheat the hot, or refreeze the cold


I found their customer service extremely friendly and their riders to be very fast, punctual, and very easy to communicate with.


I feel like Cheetay is great because not everyone has conveyance. My friendly rider actually called me up at the time of delivery to ask me about any substitutions or additions or changes WHILE he was at Jade which is really wonderful.


“Just what the Doctor ordered”. Excellent service for food delivery. From almost anywhere in Lahore to anywhere in Lahore. The list of eateries is quite good and covers most of Lahore’s old school and new school specialities. Keep up the good work team Cheetay and your customer service is like a breath of fresh air.

Managing Director, Resource Smith

Currently the best food delivery service in town! Riders are very friendly. The best thing about cheetay is that they deliver in every single area where most of the restaurants hesitate to deliver. They truly do justice with their name. Keep it up Cheetay.


I love Cheetay since they delivered my order very quickly and checked with me before placing the order. The best thing is that I now get to order food from places it is really hard to go yourself. I plan to use their service for places like Lakshmi Chowk. I had a wonderful experience with Cheetay.


I live super far, so it was always a problem for me to access any kind of delivery service. Then Cheetay came along. They have consistently delivered fresh and tasty food at my door step, even during the oddest of hours. I don't think a food lover can ask for more!

Program Officer, Community World Service Asia

In addition to their never ending wit, I have found Cheetay to be one of the best delivery service providers in town. There are a number of restaurants they're catering to and even when they're not listed, they're forever happy to make a quick run for you. Not only do I always get my food delivered fresh and in time, the team is definitely one of the friendliest and most helpful around. I would definitely recommend them.

Consultant, Government of Punjab
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